Select The Out-Of-Town Appraiser: New Social Science Investigation On Long Island Land Surveying


This paper provides to the literature within the number of the real residence appraisal professional witness. The prevailing appraisal Long Island Land Surveying selection literature suggests that once the out-of-town qualified witness overshadows the information and expertise with the regional specialist, the out-of-town expert could be the apparent decision but most legal professionals base their appraiser range on elements that happen to be irrelevant to profitable the situation this kind of as benefit, proximity for their business office, proximity into the issue residence, a client’s suggestion or maybe the expert’s price tag. The outcomes of this two-part social science investigation review suggest that in cases the place there’ll be contentious valuation concerns or, exactly where the appraisal skilled witness will be called on to criticize the work from the opposing appraiser, it may well be while in the ideal interest in the customer and consequence with the circumstance to pick out an appraisal pro who’s situated exterior of the appraisal products and services location of the opposing appraiser.

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Preface for the Paper

Immediately after nearly twenty five yrs as a actual residence valuation specialist witness, this creator has observed that, in the the vast majority of authentic estate litigation situations, legal professionals typically find their appraisal expert from within just the overall vicinity with the topic assets. On the other hand, this follow is contrary for the literature on the qualified witness selection approach that doesn’t handle the placement or geographic proximity in the expert to the issue house for a suitable problem (e.g., Couture and Hayes, 2010; Fried, 2008; Tirella, 2006; Strutlin, 1996; Cabaniss, 1997; Bremser and Mathis, 1994; Harrell, 1993; Champagne et al., 1991; Jones, 1955).

This paper explores the reasons why quite a few legal professionals pick out a “local” appraiser and details powerful new exploration suggesting that, at the very least for important or superior price situations, legal professionals must appear into the greatest appraisal qualified witness from beyond the overall geographic spot on the topic house as well as opposing valuation professional.